About Me

where to buy diflucan BSA Professional

where can i buy viagra online in australia For nearly 50 years I have learned, taught, and experienced leadership as practiced by the Boy Scouts of America.

watch I have served in local BSA councils in Florida, Washington State, and Utah, and in five assignments on the national council staff.  I was associate director of Cub Scouting, director of the Philmont Training Center, team leader for volunteer development, team leader of learning delivery in Scouting University, and area director in the Central Region.

Education is a passion and training our volunteer and professional leaders has been a priority throughout my over 39-year professional Scouting career.  I have studied learning theory, and through Scouting have worked with some of the best educators in America. I have also served numerous times on the faculty of both volunteer and professional courses at a national level and managed both the national volunteer and the national professional training centers of the BSA.

Beyond Scouting, from 1996-2009 I was a guest instructor for classes in the Recreational Management and Youth Leadership Department at Brigham Young University and in 2015 in Community Leadership at the University of Kansas.  I am a graduate of, and was an instructor for, the Rotary International Leadership Institute and am a graduate of the Disney Institute.